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    Telehealth (Online)

    Telehealth Instructions

    Your first Telehealth session can trigger anxiety of the unknown.

    Generally, your clinician will send you a link to connect you to the video room at the time of your session. You will receive an email with that link.

    We use Google Meet. Will you need to download the Google Meet app or You can go to:

    For more assistance with Google Meet click here for more information.

    Some clinicians may utilize Doxy (however, nation-wide that platform is creating difficulty). Your clinician will contact you and guide you during the beginning of your session.

    Sometimes these links will not be sent until the time of your session. It may be anxious, but it will all work out!

    We are here for you!

    Telehealth – COVID -19

    Telehealth counseling sessions will offer help to those quarantined or ordered to stay home!

    Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or isolated during the COVID-19 outbreak? You are not alone! Rising Hope Counseling

    offers Telehealth sessions and will be open, even throughout travel limitations and Social Distancing orders.

    Did you know that “telehealth” comes from Greek word that means healing by distance? Isn’t that amazing that at this

    time of uncertainty when we are all feeling anxious, depressed and isolated that we can actually “heal” and feel better?

    We are all struggling in some way with the COVID- 19 virus and that it is affecting our lives so drastically. It is changing

    by the hour and is almost overwhelming to keep up with. If you have a phone, computer, or tablet we can help you and

    that is the only equipment you need to do therapy at this time.

    No travel necessary; no exposing yourself to others. You can do therapy in the privacy of your own home.

    For some of us the Coronavirus may be financially impacting you. This can create a huge stress for those of you that have temporarily lost your job or income because of businesses shutting down or being laid off. There are a lot of emotions when it comes to money especially when there is not enough. Telehealth therapy can ease that anxiety and help you come up with ways to cope in a positive way for the future.

    Some people have told me that they are now working from home and that may be more stressful than being at the office. With schools being out, people have distractions with their children or household tasks that they are not used to balancing that work/home life. It is also hard to stay motivated and be productive. Telehealth therapy can help you come up with ways to help you can continue to be successful with your career even though it may be much different than it once was.

    We are happy to tell you that most major insurances cover all Telehealth services. Rising Hope Counseling also has clincians that offer services right now at a reduced rate to get you or your loved one help. This also is great for those who have a high deductible with an HSA plan!

    Telehealth counseling sessions will help you to remain positive, which is a challenge even for people that are normally happy and upbeat. Our normal is no longer the way that it once was. Let our counselors help you find the light in all of this hardship and be the best version of yourself that you can be. This is a time when you can dig deep into yourself, unplug, and get your life right where you want it to be.

    We are proud to say that our therapists at Rising Hope Counseling have taken the time and energy to be trained in Telehealth counseling and are offering sessions to anyone.

    Please let us help you navigate through this time of uncertainty to keep you on track in life and moving forward. We care deeply for you and are excited to help you in any way.

    Telehealth (Online Counseling)

    South Dakota is a rural state; for many of us, getting access to services means driving many miles. We understand that this can be a significant barrier to getting the help that you need, and we’re happy to offer a solution!

    We provide teletherapy services through a HIPAA-compliant, secure video-chat server. You don’t need to download any program or app, you simply need a compatible device with a front-facing camera or webcam and internet connection. Follow the unique link we provide you, and you will automatically be connected at the time of your scheduled appointment! We provide the same treatment you would get in our office, but you never have to leave your home!

    We are in network with many insurances that cover telehealth.

    For more information, or to set up a teletherapy appointment, call us today at (605)494-1500 or complete a New Client Request!