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  • Morgan Bialas, MS, LMFT

    “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” – Brene Brown

    Role as a Therapist

    There are times in our lives where we find it difficult or don’t feel safe to open up to others. I am able to offer that nonjudgmental space for you to process whatever is on your mind. After all, we are all only human and need some extra support from time to time.

    I view my role as a therapist as someone who is collaboratively helping you weather the storm. It can feel scary and isolating to stay afloat. I could be on the shore directing you or in the lighthouse shining a light on the hazards; however, I choose to be on your boat, with you, working together on the journey to mental wellness.

    I specialize in couple’s and family therapy; however, I enjoy working with individuals and adolescents, as well. I have a multitude of therapeutic approaches and tailor treatment to best fit client needs. I lean towards client centered approaches and will provide behavioral and thought modification interventions, as well. Additionally, I am certified in EMDR.

    About Me:

    I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of South Dakota any my master’s degree in family studies and human services with a specialization in marriage and family therapy at Kansas State University.

    I enjoy serving rural communities because my roots are at our family farm in South Dakota. Learning is a value of mine so I can often be found reading, listening to podcasts, and jumping down internet rabbit holes. There are times where words fail to express ourselves adequately so I enjoy completing DYI projects, drawing, and music. I also appreciate weekly bowling league nights, exercising, and spending days on the lake.

    I view my career as a privilege as I am able to bear witness to the whole human experience. I look forward to potentially getting to know you while taking therapy at your preferred pace.

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