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    Naomi Colberg, MS, LPC-MHSUPV

    Stories have always been of key importance in my life. As a native of Eastern South Dakota, I listened carefully to the stories of my family, and I quickly found the joy of stories in books. As a student at South Dakota State University, I soon learned that stories were so powerful that they allowed people to heal and grow in the best ways. I studied that knowledge further and decided that by becoming a counselor, I could listen and connect to people through their stories to not only improve their health, but also to encourage them to find healing and hope.

    I have been doing this successfully as a counselor since graduating from SDSU in 2006 with specialties in both school and agency counseling settings. I have worked throughout the state of SD with a variety of clientele of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I love the opportunity to continue to listen to new stories and to guide people down the path toward healing. I use mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and focus on recovering from trauma to make stories become successes.

    I am eager to meet you and hear your story. I will listen to your story, we will learn from your story, and we will make your story tell the truth of your journey. We will accomplish this through the counseling process, one that will provide you with a deeper understanding of your story that will allow you to heal, find calm, and discover peace within yourself.

    Available at our Tea office location and for Telehealth.

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