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    Mediation Services

    Alternative Dispute Resolutions: Mediation

    There are many ways to solve a problem, and while people often think first of the court system, mediation is often a great alternative.

    Mediation occurs when a neutral third party facilitates a resolution process. Mediation is all about compromise and finding a solution that everyone can live with; this is very different from court or legal proceedings, when a judge (who knows nothing of your situation) makes a decision about who is right and who is wrong that you must abide by. Mediation gives you the power to make your own decisions for your future.

    Sometimes, a judge will order that a disagreement go to mediation before trial. Other times, interested parties simply seek out mediation before taking a dispute to court. There is no limit to what can be resolved in mediation, from financial disputes to divorce and custody issues.

    If you have a disagreement that you would like to resolve, contact us about mediation services today. You have nothing to lose by mediating, and everything to gain.

    Holly Garrett offers mediation services in the greater Pierre, SD area.