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    Google Meet for Telehealth

    Providers are using Google Meet for telehealth sessions. Google Meet is HIPAA compliant, secure, and encrypted.

    Before your Session Consent: Be sure you have signed the Telehealth Consent form.

    Test your computer or Device to make sure it will work:

    Open a new browser or tab and go to

    In the upper right, look for the gear icon – Click it to open.

    You will be able to “allow” access to your camera and microphone and test to see if they work. If your computer doesn’t have a camera, find another device that does, even if it is a phone or tablet, and try again.

    While there, look in the upper right hand corner to see if there is a circle indicating you are logged into Google. If so, click it and make sure we have that email address, since you can only log in to the session if we send the invitation to the correct email address.

    Google MeetUsing a Smartphone:

    If possible, be connected to wifi. If you will be using data, call your carrier to confirm your data plan. Some plans are waiving excess usage during the public health emergency. Ask if they will give you unlimited or a large data plan so you can use it for video conferencing needs.

    Generally you can use any browser on your phone, and you don’t need to download anything. You will just need to be able to access either your email or calendar to click on the url (link) for the Google Meet session.

    iPhones and iPads: These tend to have the fewest technical issues if you download the Google Meet app. Download the Meet app for Apple mobile devices. Login with google account and make sure we have that email address.

    Android and other devices: Generally these work fine without downloading anything, but you can download the Google Meet app.

    Download the Meet app for Android mobile devices.​ Login with google account and make sure we have that email address.

    How to Join a Session:

    “Invitation” Email – you will receive an email invitation from your clinician to join a Google Meeting. If you do not receive an email by 5 minutes after the start of your session, contact us at (your clinician first name) It may be that a setting in your calendar prevented the email from going to you. If so, look in your Google Calendar. The appointment may have been automatically added there.

    Make sure the email came to the google account you will be using for the session. If not, email us at [email protected] so we can update it.

    In the email, look for “Joining info – Join Hangouts Meet” Below that there will be a link starting with That link will take you to your meeting session (it will open as a new tab in your browser).

    If you are logged into Google it will also be added to your Google Calendar after you accept the invitation, so you can join the Google Hangout Meeting meeting by clicking on “Join Google Hangout” from the calendar as well.